We are a gang that loves films passionately. The time was finally ripe for us to turn a way of life into a livelihood. Ääretön Film Company is a story house with a personal twist. We plan and complete the whole production from a script to a finished film.

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Sami Salminen


Sami tarttui videokameraan ensimmäisiä kertoja jo kuusivuotiaana. Omien tarinoiden tallentaminen äänittämällä tai kuvaamalla ovat olleet mielipuuhaa siitä saakka. Samasta työstä nautitaan edelleen pilke silmäkulmassa ammattilaisen ottein.

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Sami Salminen


The first time Sami grabbed a camcorder was at the age of six. Since then recording his own stories by audio or video has been a favourite task. Today Sami enjoys the same task with a twinkle in his eye.

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Harri Heinonen

Creative Director

Stories have been around Harri since childhood whether they are in the form of movies, books or comics. For him imagination is a vital resource. Both the abyss of the human mind and the golden ratio are as fascinating subjects. That is the reason Ääretön Film Company provides a perfect place for Harri as a director.

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Along the journey it has been a pleasure to work in good company